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Workshops disseminating Dance Routesí research are offered to institutions, schools and general groups.

Tantric Body Map:

  • An introduction to the chakra system as an underlying sub-structure within all classical Indian dance forms. This body map is used in the articulation of odissiís basic forms. The approach is somatic, working from inside out, to form the pivotal postures of chowk, abhanga and tribhanga. Simple choreological terminology for space and body awareness is also introduced.

    Suitable for everyone

Embodying Sacred Geometry:
  • This is offered as a sequel to the Tantric Body Map, and explores building movement patterns as virtual yantras in space. It makes use of choreological terminology for movement analysis in the discussion.
Suitable for dancers and yoga practitioners

Exploring Odissi:
  • This workshop provides an overview of classical Indian dance practice, and a more detailed outline of odissiís folk and temple resources. Participants have an opportunity to express their own sentences using mudras and rhythms, accompanied by pakhawaj bols (drum patterns).
For general interest, adaptable for different age groups

  • Improvisations that introduce yoga and dance through the use of games, rhymes and poems.
Suitable for children

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