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Dance Routes takes a distinctive approach to all class work. Technique and repertoire are introduced with reference to yoga and an understanding of theory. Teaching includes discussions on history of art, tantric ritual, philosophy, choreology and somatics.

This combined practical and theoretical approach is aimed at stimulating ownership of traditional movement, individual thought and creativity. By working one to one, or in small groups, dancers are given an opportunity to have sessions designed to their own particular requirements.


  • Odissi basic steps and improvisations
  • Yoga and visualisation techniques for embodiment of dance movements
  • Discussion and analysis of energy flow in movements being taught
Relevant for both beginners and experienced dancers from different backgrounds

  • Practical teaching of traditional odissi compositions
  • Practical teaching of Dance Routes compositions
  • Discussion on choreographic approaches
Relevant for students with at least 3 years previous training in odissi

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