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‘Odissi - A Dance of Sculpture’ traces the evolution of dance as ritual worship in the medieval temples of Orissa, Eastern India. Using sculpture carved upon the walls of these ancient shrines, the story begins more than 2000 years ago in the early Jain caves of Udaigiri and culminates in the magnificent 13th century temple of Konark, where Orissan temple architecture achieved its final flowering.

This 2-part documentary is a unique educational resource that follows in the footsteps of the pioneering work by Dr Kapila Vatsayan, bringing together architecture, sculpture, religion and dance. It serves as a valuable contribution to the understanding of the inter-related threads of India’s cultural heritage.

The DVD comes with an illustrated script and maps so that visitors to Orissa can make their own informed search of the ritual that inspired the creation of odissi in 20th century India.

Duration   : 48 minutes approx.
Format      : DVD / PAL
Code         : DR DVD 001
Price          : 500 Rs

Written, Produced and Directed by Dance Routes

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