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In the Indian tradition, dance was meant to provide moments of connectivity between body and spirit, to which the audience was invited to participate. Dance Routes has explored this objective through all its performances, both in solo works and group productions.

Solo productions include Odissi Mandala (2005), Conversations (2009), Biel-Banaras-Bhubaneswar (2008), and Magam (2010/11) which were all created with accompanying video footage.

All productions were created using material from the choreographic repertoire of Dance Routes. (See choreographic notes).      

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performance_conversation Based on a selection of eight verses from Rabindranath Tagore’s Gitanjali, this is an exploration of the myriad shades of love in the poet’s relationship with God.

Verses chosen: I, II, XIII, XIV, LIX, LXXI, XCII, XCVII

The Musicians:
Bitu- sitar
Ramesh Jena - violin
Kalindi Parida - pakhawaj & manjira
Michael Weston - narration, keyboards & soundscape

Sound Engineer:

Commissioned Performance:
Conference on Hypnotherapy, Tivoli Gardens, New Delhi (March 2006)

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