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In the Indian tradition, dance was meant to provide moments of connectivity between body and spirit, to which the audience was invited to participate. Dance Routes has explored this objective through all its performances, both in solo works and group productions.

Milestone group productions include Dhara (with variations and changes in cast through 2007/2011), Anganyasa (2010/11), Yatra (2015) and Invocations (2017).

All productions were created using material from the choreographic repertoire of Dance Routes. (See choreographic notes).      

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INVOCATIONS A danced meditation addressed to mythological and abstract forms of Hindu deities in odissi

‘Invocations’ is conceived as an extended mangalacharan in three parts. It begins with odissi‘s distinctly devotional flavour, and takes this onwards by exploring its movements as a discipline for heightening self-awareness. The performance opens with a traditional prayer addressed to Lord Ganesh, the elephant-headed son of Shakti as Parvati, and doorkeeper to his mother.

The next deity addressed is the lotus-eyed Preserver of the Universe, Vishnu, who governs and nurtures the elements, all species of the Earth, and all the senses.

The third section invokes the form of the great Goddess Tripurasundari and is based on the Sri Devi Khadga Mala Stotram. It describes all life and all creation as being inseparable from the body and substance of Divine Consciousness.

Dancers -

Solo: Rekha Tandon
Group :Shrishti, Smiti, Sonali, Danielle and Auroshree
Duet :Laurence Morlon and Rekha Tandon
Soundscape : Michael Weston


Sawchu, Auroville (February 2017)

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