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In the Indian tradition, dance was meant to provide moments of connectivity between body and spirit, to which the audience was invited to participate. Dance Routes has explored this objective through all its performances, both in solo works and group productions.

Milestone group productions include Dhara (with variations and changes in cast through 2007/2011), Anganyasa (2010/11), Yatra (2015) and Invocations (2017).

All productions were created using material from the choreographic repertoire of Dance Routes. (See choreographic notes).      

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performance_dhara2007a DHARA (2007)

In the summer of 2007, Dhara was reshaped and new components added that incorporated the meditative space of yogasanas, chiseling it into a high quality show.

A new troupe of talented senior dancers from different gotipua gurukuls, who wished to commit themselves to forming a repertory company and travel abroad, came together for the production.

Dhara (2007) was premiered in the House of World Cultures, Berlin, Germany on the occasion of India's 60th Anniversary celebrations, supported by the Indian Council for Cultural Relations.

Subsequently it toured the UK under the auspices of Milapfest, a UK-based arts organisation.

Artistic Direction:Rekha Tandon
Music Direction:Michael Weston
Photography:Robyn Beeche
Size of troupe:5 dancers
1 technical supervisor/stage manager
Duration:1 hour approx

Milestone Performances:
The Habitat Centre, New Delhi(January 2009)
Virasat Festival, Dehra Dun (October 2008)
The Park's New Festival, Chennai(December 2007)
Federalism Event, Rajpath, New Delhi(November 2007)
Dance City, Newcastle, UK(September 2007)
Quay Theatre, The Lowry, Manchester, UK (September 2007)
House of World Cultures, Berlin, Germany(September 2007)

Dhara's sponsors in UK:
Arts Council England, Milapfest, INTACH, EZCC, The Lowry Arts & Entertainment


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