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In the Indian tradition, dance was meant to provide moments of connectivity between body and spirit, to which the audience was invited to participate. Dance Routes has explored this objective through all its performances, both in solo works and group productions.

Milestone group productions include Dhara (with variations and changes in cast through 2007/2011), Anganyasa (2010/11), Yatra (2015) and Invocations (2017).

All productions were created using material from the choreographic repertoire of Dance Routes. (See choreographic notes).      

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ANGANYASA (Commissioned work)

performance_anganyasa A play on the five elements, the panchamahabhoothas, as they dissolve from one to another, earth to water, then to fire, to air, to ether, in the worship of Shiva. A contemporary soundtrack that mixes traditional instruments and voice with synthesised sounds offsets seed syllables employed in tantric rituals for consecrating the body.

The performance was specially commissioned by the Asian Heritage Foundation, and extends the physical skills of 11 traditional dancers, presenting the message of the body being a temple, and the soul within, a spark from the Divine Fire. It was expanded and restaged in February 2011 at Bharat Nivas, Auroville with 19 dancers, including village children from the Thamarai project.

Artistic Direction:Rekha Tandon
Music Direction:Michael Weston
Photography:Dance Routes
Size of troupe:11 dancers
Duration:15 minutes approx

Grand Hyatt, Mumbai(May 2010)
Bharat Nivas Auroville(February 2011)

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