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Meditations on the Sri Chakra (2017)

This piece invokes the great Goddess Tripurasundari embodied in the Sri Chakra, a mystical geometric diagram conceived as a matrix of abstract forces of Creation. It incorporates the imagery of angnyasa or consecration of the human body to make it a receptacle for Shakti, using the language of odissi dance with yoga and ritual gestures from tantric worship.

It is based on an excerpt of the Sri Devi Khadga Mala Stotram and was developed as a meditative duet, addressing aspects of energy manifest in the vehicle of the human body with Laurence Morlon.

The ritual consultant for this piece was Laurence’s Guru Ramesan Lakshman, founder of Hindusthan Kalari near Auroville. The piece was performed as a work in progress to inaugurate the Festival du Feminin in February 2017, at Sawchu, Auroville

Choreography: Rekha Tandon
Soundscape: Michael Weston
Duration: 18 minutes.

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