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Kuru Yadu Nandana (2015)

The piece is based on the iconic choreography by Guru Kelucharan Mohapatra for this ashtapadi from the Gitagovinda. In this presentation, the music was recomposed by Shiba Prasad Rath and accordingly, the movement material reinterpreted to suit the new score.

O Yadav Prince!
With hands cooler than sandal balm
Paint with deer musk
A leaf on my breast…
Redraw lines of kohl
Darker than swarming bees,
Sharper than cupid’s arrows,
Which Your lips have smudged…

Rearrange my lustrous hair
Like the banner on cupid’s chariot.
Put back the flowers in my hair
That were loosened by love play…
So it outshines a peacock’s plumage…
My inner being is like a deep cavern
Awaiting Your embrace…
Replace my jeweled girdle
And cover me with my sari…

Choreography adaptation: Rekha Tandon
Musical composition and voice: Shiba Prasad Rath
Duration: 9.30 minutes.

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