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Ahe Nila Saila (2015)

Ahe Nila Saila (translated text below) was inspired by its interpretations in the gotipua traditional repertoire. Choreographed in collaboration with Purnachandra Maharana, a gotipua dancer from Village Dandasahi, Puri.

Sung text:
Hail Lord Jagannath!
Regal like the Blue Mountain,
My desire for You is forbidden.
But my love for You
Is like a forest of lotuses
Waiting for You to pluck.
The king of elephants
Whilst thinking of You
Entered troubled waters.
You appeared with the chakra
And saved him.
Hail Lord Jagannath!

In the dense forest
The hapless deer was seen by a hunter.
In this hopeless situation
You gave protection.
(Hail Lord Jagannath!)
Said Salbeg
I am of low caste
But I still surrender at Your feet.
(Hail Lord Jagannath!)

Choreography adaptation: Rekha Tandon and Purnachandra Maharana
Music: Traditional
Duration: 8.30 minutes.

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