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The odissi tradition is referred to as the odissi parampara, which breaks up in Sanskrit into param - original, apara - something that flows away from it.

Acting on the essential meaning of the word, Dance Routes has created choreography using odissi's traditional structure and grammar. Below are short descriptions of such works, and all productions both solo and group performances - were created using this material.

By scrolling through the images and clicking on them, you will find information about them.

Caryatid Rests (1997)
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Padavande (1998)

Mukhaari (1998)
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Moksha (1998)
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Shyama (1999)
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Gitanjali (1999)
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Akash Yantra (2002)
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Saraswati (2003)

Phenomenal Woman (2003)

Battu (2004)
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Yantra Solo (2004)

Patha Chadi De (2005)
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So Ham (2005)
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Simha Vahini (2005)
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Jagannath Swami (2005)

Dasavatar (2005)
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Yantra (2005)
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Conversations (2006)

Anganyasa (2010)

Anganyasa (2011)

Namasthe Pundarikaksha (2012)

Namami Vighnaraja - with mask (2015)

Namami Vighnaraja solo (2015)

Bilahari (2015)

Ahe Nila Saila (2015)

Kuru Yadu Nandana (2015)

Namasthe Pundarikaksha (2015)

Meditations on the Sri Chakra (2017)

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